WORKSHOP: To All Relations, Creative meditations for a changing world
Workshops and residencies with NOBUKO MIYAMOTO and KAMAU AYUBBI

In these times of broken economies, shrinking resources, shifting cultural landscape and changing climate, are the solutions in the screens of our computers and cell phones? Or do we need a sacred space to access our deepest mind, a creative space to practice new ways of being and seeing our world.

Nobuko Miyamoto is a theater director, dancer and musician. Imam Kamau Ayubbi is a chaplain, visual artist and meditation teacher. Together, they guide participants through an experiential process using breath, movement, music, and playful theater games.

One learns to lead and follow, create and collaborate. The creative mind opens and group energy emerges. We actively listen and express our stories. Collective painting and meditation deepens mindfulness. In this sacred space we have the rare opportunity to experience our diversity and interconnectedness.

Through exercising the power of our creativity we expand our possibilities. In this microcosmic circle, we can make a new story for our communities, our world.

Number of participants: 30
Space required: large open space
Time: 4 hours or more
Workshop content can be geared for needs of the community.